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start a new company in Italy.
With optional tax Benefits.

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BUSINESS & COMPANY VISAWhy would I choose it ?

This Business Visa Italy(with also Entrepreneur Visa Italy)is issued, upon verification of requirements, in order to start a new independent activity in Italy, such as Professionals and/or Companies.
The law means any industrial, professional, craft or commercial activity, or the establishment of partnerships or corporations, as well as access to corporate offices.

An essential condition is that this is not a work activity reserved by law for Italian citizens, or one of the EU Member States.

BUSINES&COMPANY VISAWhich benefits can I have?

  1. Expansion: join one of the greatest EU markets, especially with regard to the strong “made in Italy” brand and the entry into a market strongly interested in attracting new investors.
  2. Optional Tax Benefits: for individual, with high worldwide incomes,, it’s possible to benefit to the Flax Tax Lump Sum Regime, which allow to pay only a fixed amount of taxes, regardless of how much income or resources you have. Read about this Tax Benefits and requirements.
  3. Multiple forms of business: wide choice of different forms of company (limited liability company, etc.), in order to meet every structural and organizational need.

WHAT WE DOHow We let You obtain
your Visa

Requirements & Procedures


The Applicant who wants VISA is required to demonstrate:

  1.  To have adequate resources for the exercise of the activity that he intends to undertake in Italy. In this regard, the art. 39 d.P.R. n. 394/99, provides in paragraph 3 of the Chamber of Commerce certification “of the reference parameters concerning the availability of financial resources necessary for the exercise of the activity”.
The D.M. 11.5.2011 confirms that “for the activities that can be entered in the register of companies held by the Chambers of Commerce, the attestation relating to the abstract identification of the necessary resources referred to in paragraph 3 of art. 39 of the Decree of the President of the Republic n. 394/1999 and subsequent amendments and additions, concerning the activities still to be undertaken, is made by the competent Chambers of Commerce for territories “.
On the other hand, as regards the activities subject to registration in the professional orders, “the attestation is made by the competent orders themselves”.
In any case, the declaration or certification must be in excess of three times the sum equal to the capitalization, on an annual basis, of the monthly amount equal to the social allowance.
2.  To be in possession of the requisites provided for by the Italian law for the exercise of the single activity, including, where required, the requirements for registration in registers and registers;
3.  To be in possession of a certificate from the competent authority not earlier than three months declaring that there are no grounds for impediment to the issue of the authorization or license provided for the exercise of the activity that the foreigner intends to perform.
It must be specified that if an activity is required for authorization, a license or registration in the appropriate register or register, or a declaration or complaint, the declaration must be requested from the competent administrative authority.
If instead it is a free activity, that is not subject to any authorization, the declaration is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the place where the activity will be carried out.
4.   To have a “suitable accommodation” (through the presentation of a contract for the purchase or lease of a property or by a declaration pursuant to Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/00 rendered by the foreigner or rendered “by an Italian or foreign citizen legally residing in Italy, stating that it has made available a suitable accommodation for the applicant “);
5.   To dispose of an income, from legitimate sources, of an amount above the minimum level required by law for exemption from participation in health expenditure.
Before submitting everything to the Consulate, We have another Step.
The territorially competent Police Headquarters will have to issue, before the application to the Consulate, the provisional authorization for entry, which will be granted only if all the documentation indicated above is correct.
It’s also important:
– The visa “may be required, for the performance of its activities, also by foreign citizens who hold – limited in limited liability company, or limited by shares, already in business for at least three years – the office of president, member of the board of directors, managing director, auditor “.
In such cases, no certification is required regarding the financial reference parameters, except for the possession of a series of elements specified therein:
  • Certificate of registration of the company in the register of companies;
  • a copy of a declaration by the legal representative of the company to the competent provincial directorate of employment that “no employment relationship will be established with the foreigner”;
  • declaration by the legal representative on compensation to the applicant for an amount above the minimum level for exemption from participation in health care costs.
The same D.M. provides that, in such cases, the worker not belonging to the European Union must demonstrate possession of:
  • A suitable accommodation, through the presentation of a contract for the purchase or lease of a property, or by a declaration made by the foreigner himself pursuant to Articles 46 and 47 of the Presidential Decree of 28 December 2000, n. 445, or by means of a declaration made pursuant to the same rules by an Italian or foreign citizen legally residing in Italy, stating that he has made available a suitable accommodation to the applicant;
  • an income, from legitimate sources, of an amount above the minimum level required by law for exemption from participation in health expenditure.
    This minimum income requirement is met in the presence of documentation attesting the achievement, in the country of residence, of a similar income for the year preceding the visa application.
Provisional clearance for entry, issued by the territorially competent Police Headquarters, to which a copy of the declarations and attestations or of the substitutive documentation indicated above must also be delivered.
Regarding the phases following the achievement of the provisional authorization, the paragraph 5 of the art. 26 of the TUI, provides that “the diplomatic or consular representation, having verified the possession of the requirements indicated in this article and acquired the clearance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry competent in relation to the activity that foreigner intends to carry out in Italy, issues the entry visa for self-employment, with the express indication of the activity to which the visa refers, within the numerical limits established in accordance with article 3, paragraph 4, and article 21.
Diplomatic or consular representation also releases the certification of the existence of the requisites foreseen by the present article for the purposes of the requirements provided for by article 5, paragraph 3-quater, for the granting of the residence permit for self-employment “.
The entry visa, is issued or denied within 120 days from the date of submission of the application and related documentation.
There is also a deadline: the Visa in question must be used within 180 days from the date of issue.
Having entered Italy, the foreigner will, within 8 days, as required by law, apply for the relative residence permit, which We will prepare for You in advance.

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