Italy Investor Visa: Why almost all Investor are moving to Italy

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Italy Investor Visa: Why almost all Investor are moving to Italy

A lot of foreign Investor, are planning to move their previous Investments from other countries to Italy. 

Yes, Italy has an Investor Visa Program and not everybody knows that. 

And as soon as people know about the Italian Investor Visa, they immediately want to start applying. 
In the last year, we saw an increase of 132% Visas application because of this new discovery. 

But, Why Investor Visa Italy is so attractive?

Let’s see the most important points. 
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How can a foreign investor obtain an Investor Visa Italy? 

Most of the foreign businessmen who want to enter the business market in Italy may obtain an investor visa if they are interested in purchasing a property here.
This idea of purchasing is now old, related on when Italy hasn’t an Investment Program. 
Not, Italy has it, so join in it.
The trending  option today, is  to performing investments in Italy.
And if You think that You can, at the same, Join the new Tax Benefit Program for Foreign investor (we talked about here), this is certainly an option You cannot miss.

Foreign businessmen-only can apply for an elective residence visa that is certainly another good option, if You cannot afford the investment. 

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What types of Visas are available for foreign Investors in Italy? 

The new immigration legislation applicable to investor visas states clear conditions available for solid investments in Italy.
For example, a businessman should invest at least EUR 2 million in government bonds in Italy for a period of minimum two years in order to qualify for an investor visa.
It is important to know that investors may also obtain one of the following visas, provided that they can meet the requirements imposed in each case:
  • Italian Golden Visa Program – this is available for businessmen who can invest at least EUR 1 million into an Italian company.
    But the same program is also available for those who can invest EUR 500,000 in an innovative start-up business operating here and who can create three new jobs within the company;
  • Lump Sum Tax Benefits – this is applicable only to high net worth individuals who are considering relocating their tax residency in Italy which accounts for a EUR 100,000 lump-sum tax on the income deriving from foreign source.
    Yes, you will pay only 100k €/year for ALL WORLDWIDE INCOMES
    You have.
    And Tax Offices don’t want to know what You have abroad.
  • Italia Start-up Visa – applicable to investors who want to set up an innovative start-up company which has a total investment of minimum EUR 50,000;
  •  Elective Residence Visa – the visa program is opened for any foreigner who want to come in Italy and who is not interested in working on the local market.
    Just enjoy Italian Life.
 The document can be issued for a period of two years and then, renewed. If the foreigner will live in Italy for a period of five years, he or she will be allowed to apply for permanent residency
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